About Ogbe Airiodion
Sr Change Management, Communications & Training Lead

As a senior level change management practitioner, I help companies & senior leaders increase the overall success of their large-scale transformation initiatives, including business process, system, policy, people and organizational changes.

Change management is very similar to behavioral science as it involves understanding human behavior, especially how employees, managers, customers, external parties, and impacted users transition through an organizational change.

About Me:

I am an experienced leader in driving strategic and tactical organizational change implementation across a wide range of industries with a keen ability to identify clients’ communication, stakeholder & end-user engagement, training, resistance pain-points, and transitional challenges, transforming legacy platforms and business processes into competitive advantages.

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With a proven track record of engagement with senior leaders, executives, COOs, CEOs, CIOs, and key stakeholders, I bring a mix of a personable, diplomatic and collaborative approach to help drive change within an organization. In addition, I am very adept in working well with all levels of staff, from senior executives to junior level front-line staff across IT & non-IT business groups

My Hobbies:

I like hiking, kayaking, camping, outdoor festivals, traveling, exploring different cultures, and gardening.

Overview of Experience:

  • Senior Change Management Lead – Business, IT, and Operational Transformation
  • Experienced in driving large, complex, and global initiatives (processes, people and technology changes)
  • Delivered projects across Berkshire Hathaway, AHQ News, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, and Accenture
  • Proven track record of engagement and presentation to leaders, COOs, and key stakeholders
  • Effective in leading, managing, and coaching other Project Managers, Consultants, BAs, and staff
  • 14+ years of project management, OCM, leadership, problem solving, negotiation, and legal background
  • Personable, with a history of working well with all staff | IT & non-IT business groups

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Ogbe Airiodion’s Implementation Expertise:

  • Supply Chain Management, ERP/CRM/HCM System Implementation, Process Improvement, New Products & IT Programs Rollout, AML/Risk Management, Compliance, HR Systems Integration, M&A Integration,

Ogbe Airiodion’s Methodologies, Strategies and Planning Expertise:

  • Develop & Execute Organizational Change from End to End: Prosci ADKAR, Change Impact Assessment, Stakeholder Readiness Surveys, Training, Communications, Stakeholder Enablement, Resistance Management, Coaching, & Leadership Engagement, ADKAR Surveys, Change Champion Network, KPIs and Measuring
  • Agile: Large Scale Project Implementation & Transition
  • Lean Six Sigma: Business/IT/Operational Processes Optimization

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