Ogbe Airiodion Group – A Specialized, Top Change Management Consultancy

Airiodion Group Consulting
A Specialized, Top Change Management Consultancy

Airiodion Group Consulting is the consulting function for OCM Solution Change Management Platform & Website. Since we launched our change management platform, it has become one of the fastest growing change management sites with hundreds of best change management guides, templates, best practices, change mgt samples, and toolkits.

Airiodion Consulting Services

For organizations, consulting firms, and change practitioners that seek additional change management support, or immediate change management help, or specialized Change Management Lead expertise for a specific period of time, you can obtain the services of our change management consultancy.

Ogbe Airiodion, our Change Management Lead has an extensive level of change management expertise that allows him to quickly hit the ground running on any type of change program that your client or organization is implementing, including global, complex, and challenging organizational changes.


I help organizations, consulting firms, and Change Management Leads implement effective change programs
so they can increase their change management performance, successes, and project objectives.

– Ogbe Airiodion (Sr. Change Management Lead – Consultant)

A “hands-on,” “roll up my sleeves” strategic and tactical Change Management Lead (Consultant), Ogbe Airiodion specializes in delivering end-to-end, as well as targeted change management deliverables to increase adoption of large and complex initiatives (people, process, technology, M&A integrations, policies, and more).

He has:

  • A top 4 consulting background (Deloitte & Accenture).
  • Change management expertise in a wide range of sectors: financial, technology, and consumer.
  • Successfully delivered large change programs across Apple, Citigroup, Intel, HSBC, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, Capital One, and other organizations.
  • Extensive experience applying flexible change methodologies for impact assessments, leadership engagement, communications, stakeholders, training, resistance mitigation, change agents/champions management, and change adoption.

As a Change Management Consultant, Ogbe will work closely with you and your team to meet your change management needs and increase your success, sharing our holistic change resources, proven toolkits, and extensive expertise.

From helping you establish a well-structured change practice within your organization to partnering with you to implement critical change management on major projects, Ogbe is there for you – based on your change management needs.

Sample Change Management Consulting Services & Deliverables

Examples of change management support that Ogbe can provide to your organization are listed below.

However, every organization is unique. Every change is unique, and so Ogbe leverages flexible, and repeatable change practices to support you,  your team, and your organization. 

Change consulting services:

  • Establish a Well-Structured Change Management Practice within your Organization
  • Complete Suite of Change Management Toolkits, Templates, and Reporting Dashboards
  • Coach Your Change Practitioners to Increase their Change Management Capabilities
  • System Change or New ERP/CRM/System/Technology Implementation
  • Mergers & Acquisition (Post-Integration)
  • Change Adoption Strategy & Sustainment
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Establish Effective Network of Change Agents / Champions
  • Leadership Engagement & Coaching to Lead Change
  • Culture Change (For Continuous Improvement from Leadership to Frontline)
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
  • Deliver Effective Communications (Communicate WIIFMs to Win Hearts and Minds)
  • Business Cost Reduction Programs
  • Communication Plan Development
  • Change Impacts & Assessments
  • User Training & Adoption Programs
  • Organizational & Workforce Alignment
  • Knowledge Management & Transfer Plan
  • Equipping Leaders, Managers, and Employees to Support and Sustain Change
  • Coach Leaders on Best Change Practices
  • Regulatory & Compliance Programs
  • Change Risk Assessment, Planning & Mitigating
  • Divestiture | Corporate Spin-Off | Business Transformation
  • Change Models
  • Financial transformation
  • New strategic initiative launches
  • New go-to-market / RTM strategies
  • … and many more

Airiodion Group Consulting can help manage, drive, and deliver change programs for a wide range of business changes: technology integration, new systems, new business processes, compensation changes, business expansion, regulatory compliance, policy changes, culture changes, and more, including:

  • Conducting impact assessments, organizational readiness assessments, stakeholder analysis, and change risk assessments.
  • Drafting and implementing best-in-class change management playbooks and strategies
  • Creating, implementing and tracking the success of key change plans (communications, training, stakeholder engagement, and more) to provide awareness, and gain buy-in of business initiatives.
  • Tracking change adoption, and reinforcing new behaviors across impacted groups.

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Ogbe Airiodion
Sr. Change Management Consultant