About Airiodion Consulting Group (ACG)

Airiodion Consulting Group (ACG) is Ogbe Airiodion’s independent consulting single-member LLC for Corp-to-Corp (C2C) or 1099 project contracts.

When companies hire independent contractors, they sometimes do so on a Corp-to-Corp (C2C) or 1099 contractor service agreement wherein the contractor is hired for a brief or set contract period, and is paid a flat-hourly rate.

An independent contractor is not considered an employee of the organization (client).

Ogbe Airiodion is a senior level organizational change management consultant and helps organizations and company leaders increase their return on investments (ROI) on large scale transformations.

Ogbe designs, develops, implements, and manages change strategies including communications, stakeholder engagements, resistance management, end-user training, manager coaching, and overall project management. 

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How Ogbe Helps Companies to Increase Organizational Change Successes

3-Phase Process

To increase the success of large-scale and complex initiatives, and to help companies and their leaders on their enterprise transformations, Ogbe (Airiodion Consulting Group) applies a structured 3-phase change management approach that is based on a mix of best change management practices, methodologies, and standards. 

Phase 1: Preparing for Change

The first phase applies is what is known as “Preparing for Change,” and it involves conducting a series of change assessments to understand the scope, scale, and impacts of the change. These change assessments include:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Change impact assessments
  • Audience analysis
  • Program risk assessment
  • Organizational readiness assessments

Phase 2: Developing, Executing and Managing Change Management Plans

The second phase is the “Developing, Executing, and Managing Change Plans” phase, and it involves designing, developing and executing the transformation change adoption plans needed to help impacted end users go through the change process.

Deliverables for this phase includes:  

  • Communication plans & strategies
  • Stakeholder (Employees, Customers, & Partners) engagement plans & strategies
  • Training program development plans & strategies
  • Coaching plans & implementation strategies
  • Reinforcement plans & strategies
  • Change sustenance plans & strategies
  • Tracking, change measurement, and monitoring plans & strategies


To effectively communicate with stakeholders and all impacted (and potentially impacted) employees and managers, Ogbe utilizes multiple communication channels to communicate the change to employees, senior leaders, customers, partners, firm affiliates and all other impacted parties.


To increase the success of a transformation, business units and end users impacted by the change need to successfully accept, embrace and adopt the new processes and solutions. Applying face-to-face or virtual engagement is a key strategy to connecting well with end users, reducing resistance and helping to change adoption and the success of the transformation.

Ogbe Airiodion applies a multi-prong stakeholder engagement approach to increase overall change success.


For training, Ogbe applies a mix of training channels (Web based training, instructor led learning, online resources, recorded sessions, and train the trainer sessions) and an iterative multi-prong model. This strategy will allow us to provide the broadest, customizable, and most efficient levels of training, based on end-user (trainees) needs, availability, and preferred training style.

Training Channels

Phase 3: Monitoring and Maintaining the Change

Reinforcement is critical to the success of all initiatives because people have a natural tendency to sometimes revert back to what they know and are comfortable with (e.g., developing workarounds to the new solutions). To sustain the change, we will apply a structured change reinforcement approach. Contact Ogbe Airiodion (details below) to learn more.

Change Reinforcement & Tracking:

For tracking and measuring change adoption, a KPI change adoption tracking dashboard will be created and used as part of our tracking, measurement and reporting efforts.

End of Program / Transition Plans:

At the end of any transformation, there has to be a transfer of responsibilities from the change management team to a designated group that will be determined by the program leads. A designated group might be a group within HR, Program Manager(s), Center of Excellence Group, etc. As part of the program completion transition, a change management transition plan will be developed and delivered.

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