Key Objectives of a Change Management Team

By Ogbe Airiodion

When organizational change management (OCM) teams develop and execute their OCM plans, tools, and practices to manage the people side of the transformation change, they often focus on five key objectives to help achieve their Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Change Reinforcement goals.

  1. Clear and Effective Communication: Spread awareness of the transformation program via a robust communication campaign. Communicate frequently and transparently
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitate stakeholder engagements to educate business units on the level and magnitude of the change, and build their desire to support the change
  3. Build Knowledge: Lead the development and execution of training programs to provide employees with the knowledge on how to change
  4. Increase Proficiency: Facilitate coaching and business user testing of target state processes and procedures to enable new skills and end user proficiency
  5. Sustain the Change: Reinforce the change to ensure long-term sustenance. Track and measure process adoption, impacted user proficiency, and change readiness

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