Key Objectives of a Change Management Team

When organizational change management (OCM) teams implement change plans to help organizations transition through a change, they often focus on five key change management objectives to help achieve their goals for spreading awareness about the change, improving end-user acceptance of the change, increasing knowledge & proficiency, and reinforcing the change.

The 5 change management objectives are as follows:

  1. Clear and Effective Communication: Spread awareness of the transformation program via a robust communication campaign. Communicate frequently and transparently
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitate stakeholder engagements to educate business units on the level and magnitude of the change, and build their desire to support the change
  3. Build Knowledge: Lead the development and execution of training programs to provide employees with the knowledge on how to change
  4. Increase Proficiency: Facilitate coaching and business user testing of target state processes and procedures to enable new skills and end user proficiency
  5. Sustain the Change: Reinforce the change to ensure long-term sustenance. Track and measure process adoption, impacted user proficiency, and change readiness

Organizational Change Management Objectives

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