Approach to Organizational Change Management
By Ogbe Airiodion

In supporting clients and firms, and driving the people side of organizational change, Ogbe applies a structured approach that is based on a mix of Prosci ADKAR® Model, Deloitte Change Framework and other best in class change methodologies. 

Program management focused on the technical side of change (designing, building and deploying solutions), while change management is the people side of any organizational change, and involves helping stakeholders and impacted users to embrace, adopt and become proficient in using the new solutions. 

Prosci ADKAR is a best-in-class change management methodology, which is a goal-oriented framework that guides individual and organizational change. ADKAR is an acronym that represents five tangible outcomes that employees need to achieve for lasting change.

Ogbe Airiodion - ADKAR


As organizational change practitioners, our role involves helping to increase program success and end-user adoption. We do this by applying a structured 3-phased approach to help employees transition through their change curve and milestones.

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