Ogbe Airiodion

Organizational Change Management Consultant

Work Portfolio

Below, please find samples of my work as a senior change management practitioner.

Ogbe Airiodion
Sr. Organizational Change Management Lead (Consultant)
Prosci ADKAR | LEAN | Scaled Agile

Work Samples

  1. Change Management Strategy (Playbook)
  2. Communications – Email Sample 1
  3. Communications – Email Sample 2
  4. Communications – Newsletter Sample
  5. Manager Readiness Training Guide
  6. Communications Management Matrix Database
  7. Senior Leader and Manager Coaching

Overview of Work Samples

Here is a brief overall of some of the work samples listed above:

Awareness Communication Sample: This was an awareness communication newsletter that I drafted, socialized, and broadcast to over 6,700 employees, managers, executives, and affiliates as part of a large-scale enterprise-wide transformation.

Impacted Manager Readiness Guide: I created this change management readiness guide to provide frontline managers with a practical overview of Organization Change Management (OCM) and key coaching strategies to help them guide their direct reports, teams, and groups through a transition.

Stakeholder Roadshow Plan: This was a global roadshow plan that I developed and executed to engage 14 major departments (and 147 groups and teams within these departments) as part of a transformation change program that I delivered at a former client.

OCM Strategic Plan & Playbook: This was a strategic playbook that I drafted, socialized, and delivered to drive the OCM deliverables and activities for a large scale transformational program. The objectives of the strategic plan were to present the OCM services, tools and deliverables that would be delivered for the program, to outline the OCM team’s objectives, scope, and decision makers for the initiative, and to familiarize stakeholders on the change management framework that I was leveraging for the transformation.

Senior Leader and Manager Coaching Deck: This deck is a sample training and coaching deck that I used to educate senior executives, high-level and mid-level managers, and change agents on being effective change agents. Leaders and managers can be great contributors or formidable obstacles to successful change. Managers’ ability to lead their employees through change is often the deciding factor in how quickly and fully a change is adopted. And so it is essential that as OCM practitioners we coach and support impact managers whenever we are transforming their organization, business processes or groups.

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