A Best-In-Class Change Management Implementation Process

There is a wide range of strategies and approaches to delivering organizational change within an organization. A best-in-class change implementation approach that I use to effectively drive change is using a three phase change process.

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Phase 1: Preparing for Change Phase

Phase 1 is the Preparing for Change Phase, and it involves conducting change management assessments to understand the scope, scale, severity, impacts and overall nature of the change.

Phase 1 includes multiple OCM deliverables that need to be executed, such as:

  • Conducting program sponsors, key stakeholder, and leadership assessments
  • Standing up a change champion network
  • Conducting a change impact assessment
  • Assessing and creating a database of impacted employees, managers, customers and external parties
  • Conducting an organization readiness review
  • Assessing the risks affecting the transformation
  • Defining the change management strategy for the program
  • Standing up the change management working group

Phase 2: Executing & Managing Change

Phase 2 is the Executing and Managing Change Phase and involves developing and executing the change management plans and tools needed to successfully transition end users from their current state to the defined target state.

Phase 2 includes multiple OCM deliverables that need to be executed, such as:

  • Communication Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Impacted Groups/Front-line Employee Engagement Plan
  • Training Program
  • Organization Readiness Plan
  • Risk and Resistance Management Plan
  • Change Measurement, Reporting & Analytics Plan

Phase 3: Sustaining the Change

The final phase is the Sustaining Change Phase. This phase involves activities designed to reinforce the learned change behaviors and ensure stakeholders have the post-Go-Live support they need to be successful in maintaining the transition.

The components to Phase 3 include:

  • Defining and managing reinforcement and stabilization plans
  • Diagnosing gaps
  • Managing resistance
  • Implementing correction actions to resolve issues (e.g., providing additional coaching and training)
  • Celebrating success of incremental wins, as well as quick wins

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Ogbe Airiodion
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